Why Coke Is The Best Drink?

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How to Work Refreshed Coca Cola: their commercials leave some people heart broken, and others awe struck, but they leave everyone as future Coca Cola drinkers. Coke has inspired consumers with famous ads like the famous “Mean Joe Greene” 1979 Super Bowl commercial and the classic 1940s Coke ad supporting the war effort. Even today, they have continued to captivate all audiences with their current “Share a Coke” campaign. Coca Cola has always been the leader of the advertisement realm. They have mastered playing with our hearts and minds to convince us that Coca Cola is the product to buy. What has kept the Coca Cola Company at the forefront of the beverage business is their ability to woo potential buyers into buying their product…show more content…
By showing that drinking a Coke does not take away from productivity people are more likely to purchase one. Following the open Coke bottle representing consuming one, are the words “work refreshed.” This continues to appeal to the people’s logic because it makes consumer believe that by drinking a Coke their performance will increase because they will be refreshed. However, one logical fallacy with this ad is it seems to represent the cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. It does this because in the list it shows that after drinking the Coke the person will work refreshed. This may not be true because working refreshed may be less from drinking the coke than simply taking a break from the hard work. Coke lacks the nutritional value needed to make someone feel refreshed before going back to work, and that is why it is uncommon to see people like athletes drinking coke before and during competitions. While this is a counter valid argument, Coke does not state that they will make someone feel refreshed by drinking a bottle however the anticipation of enjoying a Coke may cause some to take a break which would lead to the refreshed feeling. While logic may capture some audiences, others need to have the advertisement cause an emotional reaction in them for the ad to persuade them. The emotion invoking image in this ad is the raised fist with a wrench in it. This connection is an example of pathos because it begins to emotionally appeal to the people.
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