Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Joshua Davis Ms. Hammons Junior English 5th Hour 30 march 2017 Why College Athletes Should Be Paid College athletes have much more responsibilities to worry about than pros, and scholarships don 't help athletes that much and they often don’t even finish college. The problem is college athletes don 't get paid when they have twice the responsibilities of pro athletes. college athletes have to juggle their sport practices and games, being on the road a lot of the time, going to classes everyday, and going to work so they can have money to eat. The solution would be to take out of all the money college athletes make from games, and memorabilia. NCAA is a billion dollar organization and they don 't pay the very people who make them the…show more content…
Being an athlete is hard enough but when you add the “student” it gets twice as difficult that’s why they need extra money so they don’t need a separate job and have more time for school. We can solve this problem by cutting a percentage of money that the college athletes make from playing their sport, the college will have more than enough to pay the athletes a reasonable amount, if the colleges cut the coaches pay by a little they will still be getting paid enough for them to live comfortably. Athletes don’t need to be paid a lot, just enough to get by. “If each athlete got $2,000 over a semester it would be enough spending cash to start managing their money” (Hartnett). The NCAA could easily do that and that would be enough for a student to live comfortably in college. He also says how it’s unfair that they can’t sell their own stuff. If athletes were allowed to sell their own products then that would make them easy money for playing their sport so they wouldn’t need an out of school job. Contrary to what I believe, a counter argument could be made about pay in college athletes, here are some points that people who think opposite of what I do could make. College athletes should not receive pay for their sports because they already get scholarships and they are not employees under law. The students play for their school and that’s why the school gets the money,
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