Why College Education Is Important to Me

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“Why college education is important to me”. By Janelle D. Crichlow EN110 Achieving Academic Excellence Ashworth College A college degree is important for a variety of reasons for both the young and the old, namely to develop or improve one’s trade skills, to experience different cultures and to increase one’s educational background in order to attain a higher paying job. For me, a college degree is important because it will help me to attain the educational background I need to make myself more marketable in the ever changing workforce. It will also provide me with the confidence and skills needed to apply for a better paying job or aid me in attaining the ever elusive promotion, if I so desire. John G. Ramsay, a professor at the…show more content…
For me personally, the college degree obtained will aid me in being able to better complete the tasks to which I am assigned at work. It will also give my boss actual evidence that I have the necessary skills needed to be promoted to a higher and better paying position. A college degree will give me the knowledge base I need to compete in the workforce. College life makes it possible for students to meet and be acquainted with people from all works of life and to possibly build work contacts with these people later in life. It provides students with access to differing cultures, personalities and attitudes and provides students with the playground to learn to handle them. Due to the fact that a college student is exposed to varying subject matters, both in and out of his faculty, a student can demonstrate to his employee that he is better equipped to handle learning new concepts since he is more “well rounded” and knowledgeable in different areas, both in and out of his job scope. The efficiency at making and completing short, medium and long term goals, displayed by the student, allows the employer to ascertain how effective the employee will be at setting and achieving his goals and how effective he will be with time management and multitasking. In conclusion, a college degree will provide me with the hope and means of attaining the heights I intend to reach in my workplace. It will provide me with the confidence and peace of mind that I can take
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