Why College Education is Important to Me

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Every child has a dream, whether it’s to be a doctor, a police officer or a fire fighter. As a child I always had one dream: I wanted to become a teacher. Many days I would come home after school, along with my sisters and cousins, and play “school.” I was always the teacher. I would stand by the door, papers in hand, giving them work to do. I especially liked spelling tests. When they were finished with all of their work, they would go outside to “recess” while I graded their tests. Growing up, this activity was more fun than anything else I might have done with my free time. I never got tired of being the “teacher”. Now as a college student many people often ask me, “What are you majoring in?”, “What are you going to school for?” and I…show more content…
With a college education will I not only be more mature, but I will be better financially stabled. I will be able to provide for myself and my family in the future. I will be able to pay back my college loans which is showing me responsibility and I will also have the opportunity to one day open up my day care. “However, statistics from the St. Joseph School District show that 52 percent of children enter the public school system not prepared for kindergarten. By the end of second grade, 42 percent of students are reading below their grade level” (Snapp, 2012) .Children are our future. One day these generations of children will be the ones in charge of the world. We all want our kids to have the best education available and to be able to not only graduate high school, but to graduate from college. In our economy we stress the importance of having an education. So shouldn’t a child’s education should start while they are toddlers. My day care will be a place, where you can leave your children and not worry about them sitting in front of a television all day. I will be helping these children get ready for Kindergarten, where they will be learning but also enjoying their childhood. In the economy that we live in people are always having children, therefore, I will always have a job. It is no longer enough to have a High School Diploma to get a job. You now need your Bachelor’s Degree and sometimes even your Master’s Degree depending on the job that you are trying to get.
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