Why College Housing Is Great And Not So Great

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As we know housing is very important to our universities around the world today and to our very own Old Dominion University . Of course, it’s important to us first-year college students as well as upperclassmen but not as much,because we feel that it 's time to move out. But there are many more reasons why college housing is great and not so great. Living in on-campus housing has it’s perks but, here is the trick we are paying a fortune for it. And we share one room with two others and spacing is not equivalent. Housing rates are extremely high because we are paying for the things that we use. For example the water, lights, electricity, and custodial staff.

What we should do about it is make this known to the Office of Housing &
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Of course they are already going to be in deep debt when it is all over. On the other hand, lowering the rates would make a big difference when it comes to paying for housing.

The University would and could somewhat make more money in a way. They could benefit because if the prices were more affordable more students would pay. Housing is apart tuition when of all it is combined. Using the tuition calculator allows you to see an estimate of how much attendance would be.( Include on-campus housing and watch it rise to even more. In fact there it shows that it is a big price gap with living on campus and, that the prices should be lowered in some way.

Out of state students pay for coming into a different state to attend college as we know. It is not at all cheap they actually pay double of what a in-state student pays. They already are paying double and of course out of all students they need housing. Because whichever state they came from it is miles away and traveling would be ridiculous.They would need to benefit from the prices of housing to be low as possible. The cost of their tuition would drop tremendously if the prices was low. This is one major requirement to have housing as a out of state student. First and foremost if the prices were affordable even more out of state students would attend Old Dominion because, the price of tuition including
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