Why College Instructors Should Not Voice Their Personal Opinions in the Classroom

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“God is Dead” is what one College professor made is philosophy class write down on a piece of paper on the first day of his class in a public university. Most students did it for they were promised an “A” in the course, but if they did not write down the statement they were guaranteed an “F” in the class. A Christian student in the class, who strongly believed in God, argued against his professor telling him how God is not dead. This scenario was made into a popular movie called “God Not’s Dead” that came out in 2014. More situations like this are popping up all over colleges in America,which raises the question should educators be able to voice their personal opinions onto their students. College professors, especially in a public education system should not reflect their personal opinions onto the student population for any political, religious, and personal views.. On the Fox News website, they are taking a poll for the general population to vote on their opinion on the trending debate. Out of everyone who took the poll only 5% said yes, educators should have the right to express their opinions in the classroom. 77% said no, and 18% said it depended on the situation. So the general population (in this survey consisting mostly Fox News audience) says that classroom instructors should not say anything about their personal beliefs in a classroom setting. In America’s constitution states in short, everyone is entitled to
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