Why College Is A Business For Multiple Reasons

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As we all know college or higher education is not cheap and easily obtained. It is something that is earned and shouldn’t be given. As we all are going to community college we are choosing the route that is either cheaper or the best effective route to getting education. Those of you that choose this route it is great because you could still keep your full-time job and go back to school for the cheapest amount with the same degree. I on the other hand have come back from East Carolina University and have learned a lot about how a school system works. Those who believe that school is not a business, you are terribly wrong. College or higher education is a business because the cost to go and the demand for college isn’t decreasing it is only increasing. I can explain why a college is a business for multiple reasons, but I want to focus on one main key points, students are consumers. Students are consumers for the fact that we pay for our education at whatever school we choose to go to. Students pay to live, breathe, and eat at the university or college they go to. Colleges will try to lure students to go to their school by advertisement, word of mouth, and the programs the college offers. Often people want the best of the best and will try to see what college offers the best of the best program that the student is looking for. Colleges know that will try to lure you to their school because they have the best art program, best engineering program, or best nursing program.

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