Why College Is Important

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After graduating high school one may ask oneself the question of whether or not to pursue the path of furthering your education. This will lead to other questions as to why it would be an advantage or choosing between an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree. I for one am seeking a Psychology Bachelor’s Degree so it will open up opportunities for a successful career and a higher paying salary. Continuing to further my education is not only going to be a personal achievement but also a stepping stone in my path to get my master’s and doctorate degree. During the time that I attend my college courses it will help with my cognitive development and get a better understanding of my learning styles. Attending college is giving me the…show more content…
The first inventory also showed that I am a visual learner and that pictures, diagrams, flow charts, time lines, films, and demonstrations help me grasp information better(Felder & Soloman, n.d.). Learning Style Inventory by Penn State University corresponded with the first inventory and stated that I was a visual learner, and that I visualize concepts in my head (Penn State, 2010).
The results from both the Felder & Soloman and Penn State inventories were correct. I agree that I am a moderate active learner due to the fact that I like to discuss and apply the information I am learning; however I disagree because I rather work alone, being a reflective learner, versus working in a large group. As an active learner, during several of my college courses I have found it very difficult to pay attention during lectures and have found myself day dreaming through many of them. I also agree with the results stating that I am a visual learner versus a verbal learner. Ever since I can recall I have always find myself paying more attention and finding learning much easier and appealing when presented with a visual pictures. When pictures, diagrams, and timelines aren’t available I find myself making some type of visual representation with the information provided so I can provide my brain a visual aid in processing
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