Why College Is Important To Me Research Paper

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College Reflection Essay

College is not for everyone. Some will make it without a degree and some will

have a degree. The factors of those have influenced others, as my mother said “ during

time it has change , that jobs now need a degree and if not they will let you go”. My mother

has been an importance to me and without a doubt everyone’s mother has been an

importance to them, which gives me another reason to add her comment. However, this

will take on a different course. My father will be sharing his experience and his living on how

he made it through without going to college and not receiving a college degree of any sort.
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My father stated, “ that even though nowadays it is and it's more of a have

to think instead of an option and as i tried to go back to college i see the difference now”.

He values the work that college gives in order to get into any job and as he explained he

even tried to go back to college and basically now we wait. Most importantly the

importance of a college degree then a high school degree is just more valuable in the


Also, with everything he has accomplished without a college degree is

amazing and just too damn lucky. As for me , with his determination and his workplace he

is in , i want to have two jobs and i will soon get there. Nothing as influenced me before

then what he is doing right now, maybe not in his type of work filed but something else

more high level ranking with or without a degree. If i can't go to college i'll take what i can

get and work from there forward, having connections may help as
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