Why College Is Worth Your Time And Money?

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Courtney Mathis
Professor Ratliff
English 1302
2017 February 6
College: The key to Success
Attending college has its advantages and disadvantages once applying and getting accepted. Education is depicted on the type of people in society that are willing to set forward the work that comes along with wanting to be successful. Is college worth people’s time and money? Most people make that decision based upon what they want to achieve in life from the path they set themselves to go down. Nowadays college is hundreds even thousands of question marks because most people are not financially stable to even consider college as an option after high school. College is for those who consider long life term goals that they will one day bring to
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Otherwise, jobs that require a high school diploma such as production and office administrative support staff will continue to be reduced, due to outsourcing or mechanization through computer technology and the Internet.
As the industry continues to grow economically degree holders are less likely to be unemployed due to how they are well developed with the highest education attained from over the years. “Jobless rates are higher for those without a college degree, especially in tough economic times.” Seasonally adjusted unemployment rates stood at 11.1 percent for those without a high school diploma, 7.4 percent for those with a high school diploma, 6.5 percent for those with an associate’s degree or some college, and 3.8 percent for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. This discrepancy is expected to continue, as jobs that require postsecondary schooling increase while jobs that don’t require a degree decrease (financial independent education).
Education leads to jobs in growing and better paying in industries with a college degree, people can get a better paying job. The fastest growing jobs will be in the healthcare, personal care, social assistance, and construction industries. “It 's true that some of these jobs do not require degrees, but the pay difference between jobs that require a degree versus those that don 't is pretty sizeable. For example, median salaries for home health
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