Why Communication Is Necessary For Successful Management Of Educational Research

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In the field of educational research, the need for a clear communication between the project managers and its team members is fueled by the need to accurately measure the project ‘status’ and to be able to effectively control the deviations. A well-designed communication strategy in this complex research is mandatory to develop an effective communication. This paper focuses on the use of internal communication for the particular case of the StartSmart K-3 Plus educational research project. To have a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of internal communications from a project perspective, I will provide a description of the communications recommended to be used for this project and the development and application of the strategy selection. 2. Literature review The communication process is very important throughout the project because it keeps informed the ones involve in it, but also keeps in touch with those across the organization. Ironically, it is also regarded as one of the most neglected part of corporate operations (Toney & Powers, 1997 P.33) There are many reasons why communication is necessary for the successful management of changes in a project. These include ensuring an increased understanding of the project to eliminate waste and to motivate those involved in the processes affected. According to Hameri (1997): “the larger the project, the more important the role of communication.” He argued and I agreed, that communication is not only important
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