Why Community Nurses Have A Greater Autonomy And Responsibilities

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This community placement allows me to understand that community nurses have a greater autonomy and responsibilities in practice. From a clinical perspective, nurses play an important role in assessing the clients and making decisions to manage their care. For instance, in medication management, community nurses do not have a second nurse to check the certain medication such as insulin which would routinely be checked by a second nurse in hospital settings. Thus, nurses need to adhere to the standard of practice (NMBA 2016), perform three checks and five rights to ensure safe medication administration. In rural communities, nurses might be the only persons to provide complex care to the clients, decision making needs to act ethically and…show more content…
Clients are assessed in a holistic way to identify the needs and therefore to provide individualised care plan. For instance, people unsteady on feet might need minimum support in personal care under the provision of safety as well as maintain their independence. Some with poor vision accuracy might require assistance in medication management due to the high risk of error in medication administration. Besides, chronic conditions have profound negative impact on individual’s life such socialisation (Carrier & Newbury 2016). Social isolation could further impact on physical and mental health. Nurses can address this issue by teaching clients to understand their conditions and work with them to set goals for long-term management. Nurses could also empower them to participate in the community programs such as craft workshop and bus trip. Individual’s socioeconomic position, employment, education, housing and other resources influence one’s health and wellbeing (Marmot 2005). I have come across clients from various cultural backgrounds. As a community nurse, I also need to understand client’s culture needs, family structure, and cultural norm, by addressing their preference and the language barriers. These barriers may prevent clients from seeking relevant services if they do not
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