Why Companies Fail At Operation Excellence Implementation

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Other factors that drive the need for operational excellence is the recognition. Shingo prize is an award that recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented operation excellence. Having such a recognition as a winner put the business on the top line compared to other businesses. That helps the business reputation, and that is good for business. Why Some Business Fail at OPEX Implementation Considering the amount of effort required to implement operational excellence, it can be disastrous if it fails to achieve the expected outcome (Casey, 2010). For operational excellence to be successful, the people, process and technology have to concur. There are several reasons why businesses fail at operation excellence implementation. This is because operational excellence requires a wide range of skill, commitment, and people to work together and be successful. Connolly (2012) study found the following reasons why operation excellence program in some organization fail: Lack of support from leadership, improper team selection and lack of training for all stakeholders, lack of communication all around the organization, lack of scope clarity, improper implementation, misconception, and the “Good old ways” resistance. 1. Lack of support from leadership: Operation excellence requires total support from all levels of the organization and this is very important to the survival of the program. The support help drives the program financial needs, and since the leaders set
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