Why Companies Should Enforce Written Policies

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Being on the job with nothing to do since you have completed your day’s assignment before time can be frustrating. Or even falling astray because the internet is free to use to one’s advantage, is the problems many managers encounter with employees on a daily basis. Primarily, use of email, instant messaging and the internet have been a tool implemented on the job to increase employee productivity but sometimes does the opposite. Managers believe that there must be a solution to minimize this issue to increase productivity on the job. Many managers suggest monitoring employees’ online activity to determine to ensure that they doing what is required of their job. There is strong reasons why companies need to monitor their employees’ internet usage, but is this an ethical move? Yes we all agree that the internet and email are significant tools that employees abuse during their work hours. However, I believe that companies should enforce written policies that are comprehendible for employees. An example of an internet monitoring software is Exhibit of Computer Usage Policy which assist managers and devises various strategies for employers in control this problem. These policies must be easy to understand, readable and easy to follow. Companies such as IBM has “social computing guidelines” that cover employee activity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter which urge employees not to conceal their identities and that they are personally responsible for what they publish.…
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