Why Companies Spend More Money Essay

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Minieri (2004) suggests that companies spend more money in response to lost competitive information rather than investing in preventive measures to keep the information secure in the first place. Even more sobering, any investment made following the crisis into some proactive measure should have been made in the first place. In effect, the organization spends the money either way.

I had a conversation earlier this week with a friend; a retired special agent with 36 years of federal government service who now works as a security contractor. We were discussing the security industry as a whole and the work he does in very general terms, and I could see how some of his personal experiences were tangential to our recent class discussions. In his experiences, including those with large corporations, mitigating the potential loss from espionage is commonly seen by business leadership as an afterthought. According to my friend, companies either don 't consider information security towards crucial planning or pay bottom rates for “charlatans,” as he put it, to render facilities secure from eavesdropping. I believe there are two logical reasons why some things never change. It is hard to break away from the cultural mindset that views security as not cost efficient to the health of the company. In spite of all the facts a figures we drill down on every week, organizational leaders rationalize away any chance that their organization might fall prey to any form of espionage.
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