Why Conscription For Overseas Service Is The Only Fair And Honorable Method

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For over one hundred and fifty years the Canadian Statesman has been one of the main sources of news for the town of Bowmanville, ON. Established in the year 1854 by the James family The Canadian Statesman was a family run establishment until 1999, where it was purchased by Metroland Printing and Publishing. After eight years under this new management The Canadian Statesman closes down their presses and releases there final issue on Dec 19, 2007 due to the declining newspaper industry. In this November 23. 1944 issue of The Canadian Statesman we get a glimpse of this newspapers vast history. Starting on its front page of the paper one article would stand out to the readers would be “Legion Announces Their Stand on the Reinforcement Issue” (The Canadian Statesman, Pg.1) in this brief article it informs the reader that “We the Members of Branch No. 178, Canadian Legion, Bowmanville, regret your stand regarding draftees. We believe conscription for overseas service is the only fair and honorable method and that equality of sacrifice should be the basis of our war effort.” (The Canadian Statesman, Pg.1) When Mackenzie King entered office his greatest fear was to lead the country into another conscription crisis and divide the English and French Canadians as it had in World War I. When Canada entered the war, King made a promise to all the Canadian citizens that the government would never bring in conscription, and that Canada would only send those who want to fight in the

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