Why Consumers Buy Products Over Other Similar Products Essay

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A trip to the local grocery store seems like a mindless everyday activity of providing nourishment and basic needs for your family. However, many consumers fail to realize how much consideration, time, and money is allocated by businesses attempting to understand why consumers buy products over other similar products. In Klein’s “No Logo” article she provides the history of branding and how companies have evolved their techniques to attract consumers. In Satel and Lilienfeld’s article “The Buyologist is in” they provide information regarding scientific methods researchers use, mostly focusing on neuromarketing, to penetrate the subconscious mind and market directly to consumer’s brains, bypassing their conscious minds. The efforts of branding and neuromarketing have significant impact on how consumers purchase the items presented to them. In the article from Huang & Zhou, “Negative effects of brand familiarity and brand relevance on effectiveness of viral advertisements” they open the discussion on advancements in technology and social media used by consumers that leaves companies attempting to understand the most effective way to reach their audience. Considering that there are significant amounts of money invested in neuromarketing, branding products, and developing the company’s lifestyle brand to attract loyal customer’s companies should ensure their methods are effective. Strategic branding isn’t focused on the product, but it creates a feeling within the
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