Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters Samsung

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Student: Iderbat Bayaraa
Lecturer: Jimmy Esplanada
Executive Summary
Corporate Social Responsibility is growing rapidly among international organizations. Every global or multinational big corporation should implement CSR initiatives. CSR provides companies with important opportunities, competitive advantages and so on. Samsung Electronics is one of the corporations which best implements CSR activities.
First of all, introduction to the case study is presented followed by background of the company. Then CSR strategies of Samsung are discussed. The company’s main CSR activities are to get trust of customers and give impact to the environment. The
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"Inspire the World, Create the Future."

Key Facts: * Date founded: 1938 * Chairman (since 1987): Kun Hee Lee * Founder: Byung Chull Lee * Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea * Global Operations: 285 offices and facilities in 67 countries * Number of employee: 173000 worldwide * Number of listed companies within the group: 14

3.0 CSR strategies of the company
The main purpose of Samsung is to build better environment and supporting each other to stay in a global business. In this organization people, customers, employees and suppliers are connected each other because they always treat each other. It makes this organization to be successful. Samsung gives benefits to local country’s culture and environment where they provide its goods and services. Samsung follows a simple business philosophy: to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society.
The main CSR strategy of Samsung is to be responsible in communities where they serve in order to bring trust of its customers. This organization gives more impact at all areas to bring more benefits to improve the benefits they bring.
To be successful every organization has to give impacts on environment and customers. There are always competitions between competitors who are in same business. Same as others Samsung also has many competitors on same business around the world. To
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