Why Corporations Should Not Hire Military Veterans

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Military veterans have many characteristics that show good leadership and courage, which is what companies should be aspiring to have in their employees. Instead, many corporations are purposely not hiring military veterans; resulting in thousands becoming homeless. Corporations are discriminating against our soldiers and the government is not endeavoring to help these soldiers either. Companies automatically assume that vets suffer from mental illnesses, are irrational and violent, and are uneducated and incompetent. Our government needs to establish more programs that will benefit our soldiers such as: creating shelter homes; providing them with therapists to help them with newly developed mental disorders; and allowing them to gain stability by giving them more job opportunities. There are numerous reasons as to why corporations are choosing to not hire military veterans. There are two sets of reasons: one being the reasons that corporations tell the public and, two being what they truly mean but will not announce freely to the public. In the article, “5 Reasons Why Employers Are Not Hiring Vets” by Lisa Nagorny and Dan Pick, student veterans at Wharton’s MBA for Executives program, Nagorny and Pick discuss the interviews they conducted with 87 individuals and 69 companies. At the end of their study, they concluded five main reasons on why employers do not hire veterans. Those reasons came down to being: skill translation; negative stereotypes; skill mismatch; concern

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