Why Count Paris Would Be a Better Husband Than Romeo

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Why Count Paris Would Be a Better Husband than Romeo.
For Juliet, Romeo was not the only man in her life. There was another man who wanted to marry the young Capulet. This man was Count Paris. Count Paris was a rich noble kinsman of the prince and much more settled than Romeo. The Capulets loved Paris more than Romeo which would leave no stress on family problems. Paris and Juliet could have been public about their marriage which was a luxury that Romeo and Juliet didn’t have. The County also didn’t get into as many fights as Romeo. Also Juliet could have benefitted from Paris’s marriage than Romeo’s. All these reasons added up make it clear that Paris would have been a better for Juliet.
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If Juliet were to marry Paris, the stress of keeping their marriage a secret would not be a problem.
One reason why Paris would be a better husband for Juliet is because he didn’t get into as many fights as Romeo. Since there is a division in the Montague and Capulet family, whenever they come across each other, fights might break out easily like the fight with Mercutio and Tybalt or the fight in Act 1 Scene 1 Line: 64 or the fight with Tybalt and Romeo. Because of this, Romeo is more likely to get into duels with Capulets than Paris is to get into fights with either the Montague or Capulet family which is safer for Juliet. Paris was only in one fight and he fought because he thought Juliet was in danger. All in all Paris wanted Juliet not to get hurt.
Another reason why Paris would be a better husband is because he could’ve benefitted Juliet more than Romeo. Paris could come to Juliet’s rescue more than Romeo could. Since Paris was not a Montague, the Capulets wouldn’t question his visit to the Capulet’s house or he would not need sneak like Romeo needed to so Paris could come see Juliet more freely than Romeo. One reason why Juliet would need comforting is because of the death of her cousin, Tybalt. Since Romeo was the one that killed Tybalt, the concept of Romeo comforting her would be a little awkward whereas Paris
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