Why Country Music is better than Rap

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In the world today, music has become a big influence on everyone. With the power of music, each person has the ability to accomplish goals even if the music is country or rap. Most people believe that music can change a person’s mood or behavior which is true. Without music people could not control the way they act. Most music has the power to affect a person’s mood and other music can get them out of control. If music did not exist the world would be tedious. Without having music, people would not be able to motivate their moods. With the magic of music all people tend to have clear minds and better spirits. Music has the ability to put a smile on their face and a special song in their hearts. Even though most people feel confident about a special song, this can change their mind about how country music is better than rap music. When listening to country music, people tend to get excited and be in a better mood. All country songs have the ability to express a feeling of what the song is about. With the power of rap music people cannot express the way they feel. Country music can allow each individual to achieve more goals in life. If someone is having a bad day or just feeling down and out they can listen to country music and it can change their mood right then and there. Most people that listen to rap probably feel about the same as they did before. This is because the rap music cannot control feelings like country music can do. People pretty much can listen to
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