Why Courage Is Important To Me

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Courage is a broad and much used subject used all across literature. Courage is the ability to face something that may frighten one or make them feel intimidated or insecure. People use bravery to do things everyday no matter how little or big. I have used bravery to do things as well. The most valuable thing I have with the bravery within me is to stand up to my friend.

For most of my time in school, I have been bullied for reasons known to me. Of course as most children who get bullied, I did not stand up for myself. I believe that not having the ability to stand up for myself has molded me into an insecure person. I had to get over my fear of hurting others feelings to stand up for myself. I got over my fear by standing up to my best friend.
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I have been sick for quite some time and I was on bed rest. I have not seen my friends in quite some, and I planned to hang out with my best friend. The next day, she was suppose to come over and spend time with me. I was texting her and excitedly waiting for her to come over even though I felt like I was getting stabbed in the back. Ten minutes after waiting for to tell me when she was coming over, she asked if I was feeling well because she wanted to see if I could go to the movies with other friends. She also told me that she would come see after her hair appointment and hanging out for her other friend. I felt my blood start to boil and my skin to get hot that she wanted to hang out with her other friends first. She also told me that she made plans with the other group that same day. I like always tried to play it off as being okay, but I felt a nagging feeling inside of me. I asked her why she would make plans with others knowing she had promise to hang out with me. I told her how she hurt my feelings and how angry it made me feel. Eventually, I got so feed up with her that I just stopped fighting for a lost cause.

In the end, the whole experience made me feel better about myself. We are still friends but there is still a tense over us. I glad I stood up for myself instead of cowering away like I have done for most of my life. I feel like I would absolutely do it
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