Why Credibility Is Crucial For Any Leader Essay

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Credibility Makes a Difference Throughout the course, Leadership in Justice Organizations, at Lethbridge College, we have learned a great deal about exemplary leadership practices; but, what qualities, and characteristics do we look for in a leader? The answer will differ depending on the person. In this paper we will discuss a key aspect in what a leader should exemplify to the individuals around them. This aspect is credibility. We will look at various reasons why credibility is crucial for any leader; in order for this to occur, this topic requires a look into the course textbook: The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happen in organizations (5th ed.), Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z. (2012). A discussion on credibility, requires a discussion on, the foundation of credibility, various types of values, and personal reflection of examples or situations, where myself or others have demonstrated strong leadership qualities. Credibility is the Foundation In order for us to understand the foundation of credibility, we must first know what credibility is. Credibility has varying definitions, among different people. When we look at credibility, there are four general characteristics we seek to find in our represented leader. These individuals need to inhibit honesty, they need to be forward looking, they need to be competent, and finally they need to inspire people (Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z., 2012). As credibility is the forefront of leadership, being able
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