Why Crying Has Its Perks

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Does crying actually help improve the mood? Psychologists have studied the emotions that follow crying in order to determine whether crying is cathartic. In the past, research has resulted in conflicting results based upon the constraints of the experiment itself. Results differed from both retrospective self-report studies and laboratory studies. Retrospective self-report studies found a decrease in mood, while the self-reporting studies found that mood increases. A University of Tilburg study lead by Asmir Gračanin set out to provide an answer. In the article “Crying Has its Perks” from Science Daily, the main goal of the study was to determine whether crying makes humans feel better afterwards (Springer 2015). In order to bolster the effectiveness of the study, the article included and alluded to several research terms. Alternatively, had the article included additional research terms, the study would have seemed more satisfying. Nevertheless, the study would most likely not sway psychologists today with its findings. This study attempts to shed light on emotions after crying, and if it actually can improve our moods. To set up the study, the researchers showed a group of sixty participants two emotional movies, La vita è bella and Hachi: A Dog 's Tale. The researchers then asked the participants how they felt immediately, 20 minutes after, and 90 minutes after the films. This allowed for any delayed response to the films to be accounted for. The study found that
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