Why Cultural Capital Is Fluid

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As described in Social Class Matters, placement in a class system can occur through ascription or achievement. The class that a person is ascribed to or achieves greatly correlates to the privilege in their life, and can determine many things in life – access to quality education, availability of medical care or living conditions. Social class matters as it can almost pre-determine the quality of life that a person will lead.
Had Brenda Allen not lived in a housing project that offered as many activities and opportunities, she may not have been motivated to achieve well academically, earn a scholarship and become a college professor. Allen’s experiences allowed her to accumulate social and cultural capital. The three different types of capital, as described by Bourdieu enabled her to essentially move up to a higher social class and improve her quality of life.
I think a lot of our discussion this week surrounded the topic of whether cultural capital was fluid, and how obtaining cultural capital could help you communicate and identify with people from different walks of life. Growing up, I was told by my parents and extended family that the cultural capitals as prescribed on the quiz would help me get ahead in life. More so, going to a prestigious school such as UW-Madison or the high school I went to would help expand my social network, which would in turn help me improve my standard of living.
I agree with what Charlie said in the large group discussions about these
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