Why Customers Care About Data Privacy

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Why customers care about data privacy? Nowadays, questions that involve data privacy and security are becoming progressively significant. There exist some data collectors that are almost impossible to be identified, so consumers are concerned about it. (Bergström, 2015) Consumers need to preserve their privacy, due to the fact that they don’t want to exposure their personal information to others. This fact has became one of the most important barrier for companies that try to collect as much information as they can, to arrive through a direct way to their consumers (Lee, 2015). Big data affects in a different way depending on how privacy, security and welfare influence to the customers. There are different types of consumers depending on…show more content…
A wrong use of the personal data can produce a big problem for them, but also can be a huge connotation for the society. It is difficult to control the manipulation of the information, because some data collectors are really hard to be identified. (Bergström, 2015) Consumer trusting is a key factor for the companies; if the costumers believe and trust to others it would be easy for them to get their personal information. So we can affirm that “trust” is an important key factor for the privacy concerns. (Bergström, 2015). For the majority of business, consumers’ data is relevant and if they collect as much information as possible, it would be easier to improve a lot their products and services. (TRUSTe, 2013) Some companies give to their customers the opportunity to get some presents or the entry to limited content, in exchange of their personal information. For a lot of people, this type of assistance has an important value so they decide to accept it, and they give them their personal data. Sometimes, different brands are offering some special deals or they make an auction for those people who have created an account during the time the promotion is valid. With this, brands have more personal data of potential consumers and they send them newsletters and so on, for catching each time more clients. For example, Fashion brands like ZARA or H&M they were promoting a special discount of a 25% of a purchase doing an auction for all the
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