Why Customers Want Cheaper Electricity

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Customers Want Cheaper Electricity! Nationwide, only 20% of the business owner feel that they are genuinely paying a fair price for their electricity usage and 80% of the business owners who don't think they are paying a fair price complained and announced that if electricity rates were not to be reduced soon, they would be forced to close their business because of the proliferating electricity rates. The Australian Government certainly would not want major of their businesses to abandon their businesses. While the Australian Government has recently reduced the rates by 0.5%, the percent is insignificant and is of mere relevance. This is certainly annoying for the poor business owners in Australia who are forced because of financial reasons …show more content…

They argued that if energy rates were to be reduced, they would need to find another source to regain the loss caused by the reduction of the rates. This would probably mean increasing the tax rates and cutting off money from social services like hospitals. If they don’t, then the Australian economy is seriously likely to face a huge loss. The loss triggered by the decision to not increase the tax rates would impact significantly on both Australian and International Markets in terms of economy as it would conclude that the Australian government have to increase their trading rates with neighboring countries such as India. While India might still be able to keep up with this " unexpected rise in the trading rates", many poorer countries might not. Those countries will have to stop trading with Australia, which would effect their economy. In conclusion, if consumer electricity rates were to be notably reduced, it would force the Australian government to ,unfortunately, reduce the tax rates or cut off money from hospitals. It would, in turn, become more expensive than it originally was for consumers as they would end up paying more money on the taxes then they originally did on electricity

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