Why Dating I 't Kill Yourself Because You Can 't Get A Girlfriend?

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Why Dating In Your 30’s Is Actually Pretty Awesome Some guys seem to be stuck in the mentality that you need to find the perfect woman, settle down, get married, or have kids all in your 20 's. Maybe that was the thing to do fifty years ago, but now it is perfectly acceptable to be single and enjoy your single life for as long as you want. We have a higher life expectancy. We have more medical treatment and awareness to help us have healthy kids at a later age. And (most of us) don 't have a ton of pressure by society to find someone quickly or be doomed for life. Yet, some people still live with the mentality that being single in your 30 's is for losers who are failing at life. For instance, today I got the following comment on the article 'Don 't Kill Yourself Because You Can 't Get A Girlfriend '. At 30, dating is hopelessly over. (Women over 30’s are losers, and I would rather be gone than date them). Keep in mind that this guy is only 28 and has no idea what being 30 is actually like. Also, keep in mind that this guy seems to have a very bitter view of love, dating, and life in general. Let me make it very clear - Women over 30 are not losers. They may be less inclined to smile and giggle at stupid jokes. They may not pretend that they are something that they are not just to impress you and win you over. But they are definitely not losers - not the majority of them anyway. I mean, there are still some losers in their 30 's - let 's be totally honest. The

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