Why Design Is A Type Of Art

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Many people assume design is a type of art. Those people are wrong. Yet, the assumption is understandable when the products of our work tend to be largely visual. Communicating an idea visually is pretty abstract and requires practice in order to think in that way. It is the reason young designers are required to express their ideas with sketches. Most people are surprised then to open my design sketchbook and see more words than pictures. Writing is an integral part of my creative process as an interaction designer, so I have strong opinions about the importance of writing while designing. The writing I do every day falls into four categories: copywriting, strategizing, note taking, and general mind dumping. I view them as undertakings…show more content…
The copy even has an extra element that visuals don’t have, because in addition to an audience, it has a speaker. If the speaker is the app, then “who” is the app? The speaker will set the tone for the message being delivered to the user. When the messaging and the visuals are aligned, the app will have harmony. Some teams already have copywriters for the designs or client presentations, but even the filler copy included in mockups can have an impact on how the design is received. Good writing is the same as what Jared Spool says good design is: invisible. A typo or poor word choice here and there may not seem like a big deal, but each one is a distraction. In a presentation, the client may become concerned about the spelling and grammar instead of the design, making it harder to get necessary feedback. If the errors go all the way to launch, they can even break the experience for the users. They could begin to see the app as ill-considered, which can even cause them to be more critical of the entire experience as a whole. Why Every Designer Should be a Strategist The designer’s responsibility to her project team is in keeping them informed of the design strategy. Because design is ultimately about solutions, everyone at ChaiOne is encouraged to think like a designer. That’s not actually as pretentious as it sounds. It means every person (production designers, developers, QA, project
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