Why Did A Pick A Movie Essay

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Why did a pick a movie that has some many questionable connections to the things we’ve “discussed” in class? I guess I picked the movie because I’ve watched it over 100 times, and pretty know it like the back of my hand, as well as it was one of the first adult-like novels I read when I was a very young girl that my grandmother didn’t have a problem with. I remember after reading the first couple of chapters, my grandmother asked what did I think of it. I teared up and said I felt sad and could relate to the feelings of abandonment and conflict Celie was going through. We had such a great discussion about the book and that’s when my grandmother decided that I was mature enough to watch the movie. I cried like a baby and had so many questions for my grandmother after. So, when presented with doing a final paper on a film, what better film to choose than one I have analyzed in so many ways except maybe from a leadership perspective. The challenge will be completing at least five pages when I don’t even know where to start. The leadership practice inventory PDF wasn’t that helpful, and since there was no outline, template, or clear directive on how to shape the paper. I feel like this could very well end up being a rant of some sort. I guess from a leadership perspective it’s my job to create my own path on how to complete this exasperating assignment. I would like to apologize to my fellow students in advance of reading this paper. I’m not a fan of forced writing

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