Why Did Acrisius Imprison His Daughter?

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1. Why did Acrisius imprison his daughter?
King Acrisius had always longed for a son, although he had a daughter. So, Acrisius “journeyed to Delphi to ask Apollo if there was any hope that some day he would be the father of a boy”. To his disappointment, the Oracle foretold that Acrisius would never have a son, and to make matters worse, that his own grandson would kill him. To escape his sordid fate, Acrisius, feeling no remorse or affection towards his daughter, placed Danae in a “house built all of bronze and sunk underground, but with part of the roof open to the sky so that light and air could come through”. He had thought to kill her, but fearing the wrath the Gods would surely bring if he killed his own kindred, opted for guarding
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Unfortunately, no man could defeat Medusa without aid, thus, Polydectes thought he had put the boy in a seemingly impossible situation that would result in his death.

5. How did Hermes and Athena help Perseus?
Hermes informed Perseus that he needed to be armed properly before facing Medusa and that the tools he required were in the possession of the Nymphs of the North. But to first find them, he must travel to the Grey Women. Hermes guided Perseus to their land and explained that the three women shared an eye and that when one was to pass the eye to the other, Perseus needed to step in and grab it first; using it as leverage. Hermes then gave Perseus a sword that was indestructible to the Gorgons’ scales. Athena presented to him a polished bronze shield to use as a mirror, since looking into a Gorgons’ eyes would turn him instantly to stone. At the land of the Hyperboreans, the Nymphs provided his winged sandals, a cap that would turn him invisible when worn and a wallet that would adjust its size to fit anything. Hermes then flew Perseus back over the Ocean to the Terrible Sisters’ Island. Once there, the gods identified Medusa for him, whilst the three Gorgons were asleep.

6. How did Perseus finally succeed in killing Medusa?
When at the Gorgons’ lair, the three were asleep. Hovering over the monsters and looking through the shield, Perseus

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