Why Did Alcatraz Escape

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Alcatraz The treacherous life at Alcatraz led many men to snap. Alcatraz was a death trap for some, on an island just miles away from San Francisco, with the freezing currents of San Francisco Bay surrounding it. Over the years there had been many escape attempts, but none as mysterious as the one that Frank Morris, Allen West, and brothers Clarence and John Anglin had been plotting for months. Numerous people believe that they died during this escape “attempt,” but evidence has shown that they most likely escaped Alcatraz successfully and survived. This evidence includes no bodies were found, a lot of people have claimed to have seen them, and a family friend later shared a picture of the brothers after their escape with the…show more content…
A family friend, Fred Brizzi reported that he had seen the escapees in a bar in Brazil. Christmas cards were also found in the Anglin brothers family’s mailbox that hadn’t came through the post and were signed by John and Clearance ( Flowers, cards, and anonymous calls were made to the brothers’ mother on Mother's Day and other special occasions, but when their mother died, two women came to her funeral and they wore long dresses and heavy makeup. No one knew the two women (BBC Dock).
Later Fred Brizzi shared a picture with the Anglin brothers’ family and other valuable information about how they escaped. The picture that Fred had taken was of John and Clarence on a farm that they owned in Brazil. A professional ferenzik artist compared the pictures of the two in Alcatraz and the photograph that was given to their family of them. The photographs matched and the Anglin family was told that the picture that Fred Brizzi gave them was real and it was actually the refugees (
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Evidence has been found, that proves they had an outside helper, who was included in their ingenious plan. The day after the escape it was reported that an electrical cord, one-hundred-twenty feet long was found missing. There was also a boat schedule for leaving Alcatraz and some magazines telling how to tie and untie a boat from a dock and how a boat enters and exits a slip. These were found on Frank Morris’s desk. “The theory is that they came up under the boat dock, went under the water and tied the electrical cord to the scaling up by the rudder. Then fed the cord all the way around the dock so when the prison launch was coming out of the slip they would be able to position the raft, so it would be pulled out toward the mainland. Then they somehow untied the electrical cord and paddled to a nearby getaway boat.” Robert Checchi saw a Pristine white boat waiting for something, or someone on that exact night around the same time they had left the prison ( 2015/10/10/relatives- have -proof-
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