Why Did Athena Not Treat Arachne Fairly?

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In the article "Arachne the Spinner" Athena(Goddess of the crafts)did not treat Arachne fairly. Athena didn’t treat Arachne fairly because of various reasons. To begin, one of the reasons Athena didn’t treat Arachne fairly is because of how Arachne lost the weaving competition. For example, Arachne-while weaving on her tapestry-lost because Athena tore down her loom. In the article it states, "Athena snatched Arachne's tapestry, tearing it to shreds and destroying her loom.Arachne was at once ashamed, and soon fell into a deep depression." This is evidence that Athena treated Arachne unfairly because she destroyed Arachne's loom. In addition, while Arachne was turned into a spider to be able to weave again this is unfair because it was
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