Why Did Boko Haram Come To Cameroon

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Boko Haram means Western learning is forbidden (Schultz). Boko Haram is an Islamic militant group that originated in Nigeria and spread through northern Cameroon and south-western Chad. It started out with a group of young Islamic radicals. Boko Haram is a terrorist organization that is much like ISIS. The question is, why has Boko Haram come to Cameroon? Boko Haram has come to Cameroon because they want to establish an Islamic state in that area, because they are running out of supplies, and because Cameroon is an easier target to attack than surrounding countries.
One of the reasons that Boko Haram has come to Cameroon is because they want to establish an Islamic state in that area. Establishing an Islamic state in that area is a solution for problems that the founders of Boko Haram saw. “Bad governance, corruption, persistent economic hardship, and rising inequality have fostered the growth of radical extremist groups” (Schultz). The founders of Boko Haram saw these problems and their solution was to try to create an Islamic state. The Islamic state that they wanted to create stretched across eastern Nigeria, northern Cameroon, and south-western Chad (“Cameroon”). The founders of Boko Haram saw a problem and tried to fix it, but they did it in a very bad way, and this bad way caused them to be in Cameroon.
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Many problems caused Boko Haram to form, and creating an Islamic state was their solution to those problems (Schultz). Supplies are running low in Boko Haram so they have come to Cameroon to steal more food, guns, explosives, and munitions (Chimtom). Cameroon also has a smaller, less effective military, so Boko Haram has been very hard to fight in Cameroon. Boko Haram will be a problem in Cameroon until the military can force them out of
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