Why Did Bradbury Use the Title ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’?

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The book ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ is a Dystopia about how humans will all die out leaving no trace and effect on nature and the world around us. There Will Come Soft Rains” concerns the technological revolution, as well as the atomic warfare, and its effect on our society, how it isolates us from one another. It is about the last day in the "life" of a wonderful electronic home - after an atomic war. It is the only house left standing on its desolate, ruined street and is still running to capacity even though its inhabitants remain only as shadows embedded on its walls. The title is the same as of a poem written previous to the story being published. The title is not only interlinked to the story and the message in it but also to the …show more content…
The death of the dog also resembles the way that humans died. The dog entered the house with technology cleaning up behind it. However, when the dog dies, the mice take it away and suddenly ‘the dog was gone’. This is like how humans died out without there being any remembrance for them or any trace of their living.
Bradbury also makes oblique references to the family that once lived there. On the wall there was a black ‘silhouette in paint of a man mowing a lawn’. This silhouette stands as a remembrance to the people who used to live here but that is the only trace of them and there are no traces of them anywhere else. The fact that the family is just a memory on a wall reveals how humans would be another picture on a history line, with the wall resembling part of a long line of history to come.
The city is often described as empty and dead. The city is described as ‘ruined’. The word ‘ruined’ is a strong word, which implies that the world is going to become so bad that there could be no recovering. Also, the city is described as having given off a ‘radioactive glow that could have been seen for miles’. The word ‘glow’ carries connotations with explosions and bombs. The word ‘radioactive’ is also associated with complex technology and Bradbury makes it seem that the technology will affect towns and cities very often and that atomic bombs will be very common.
It is also very ironic that the poem chosen was a favourite of the lady. As
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