Why Did Camden Win The Civil War

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The Battle of Camden started on August sixteenth 1780 and finished that same day in Camden, South Carolina. After the colonialist triumph at Saratoga and the French entered the war the British troops embraced another "Southern Style" of battling keeping in mind the end goal to win back the defiant settlements. Subsequent to seeing that Camden was a key area for the colonialists to win, the British chose to assault. Also, at last succeeded in overcoming the numerically prevalent colonialist armed force that day. The real players in this contention were General Horatio Gates, General Charles Cornwallis and Nathaniel Greene. General Gates was a resigned British warrior who served as an American General amid the American Revolution. He was credited for the American triumph in Saratoga…show more content…
Counterattacking, the Continentals verged on breaking Cornwallis' line, however were soon taken in the flank. Having steered the civilian army, he turned his men and started ambushing the Continental's left flank. Obstinately opposing, the Americans were at last compelled to pull back when Cornwallis requested his men to assault their back. Withdrawing from Camden, the Americans were sought after by Cornwallis' troopers for around twenty miles. The Battle of Camden saw Gates' armed force endured around 800 slaughtered and injured and another 1,000 caught. Furthermore, the Americans lost eight firearms and the main part of their wagon train. Caught by the British, de Kalb was tended to by Cornwallis' specialist before passing on August 19. English misfortunes totaled 68 executed, 245 injured, and 11 missing. A devastating annihilation, Camden denoted the second time an American armed force in the South was successfully crushed in 1780. Having fled the field amid the battling, Gates rode sixty miles to Charlotte by dusk. Disfavored, he was expelled from order for the tried and true Major General Nathanael Greene that
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