Why Did Claim Is True?

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A well written essay must consist of many different writing elements in order bring together a strong, and well organized structure, to the essay. Each paper must be well thought out, that consists of an introduction, has body paragraphs that supports each claim, and ends with a conclusion. Even though all of these parts of the essay are critical to the essays writing process, yet the most significant part of the essay is the thesis statement because it sets up the initial structure of the paper; therefore, the thesis creates the main claim of the essay which is followed by two reasons of why that claim is true, by setting up the thesis this way the writer then has the material to construct well organized body paragraphs and conclusion. The thesis statement is the most significant part of the essay because it establishes the main idea of what the paper is about. By creating this central idea, the reader will have a better understanding of what the essay is based on, and how the paper is going to be laid out. As Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers describes, in The Bedford Handbook, that the thesis statement is the core of the essay, and that it should clearly target the overall message in the paper (30). The statement must reveal the writers position over the topic in the essay, and then specifically focus on that position to create the overall idea of the story. Without this main idea introduced in the thesis, the essay would have direction, leading to the body paragraphs to be
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