Why Did Dante And Virgil Enter The Fourth Circle

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In Canto VII, this is where Dante and Virgil enter the fourth circle of their journey through hell to reach the end goal, salvation. The fourth circle is for Wasters and the Hoarders. Their punishment is to roll heavy weights towards one another and the wasters would yell “Why hoard?” and the hoarders would yell “Why waste?” (pg 1074). Dante is confused by why they are in here. He finds out that “In their first life all you see here had such myopic minds they could not judge with moderation when it came to spending; their barking voices make this clear enough, when they arrive at the two points on the circle where opposing guilts divide them into two” this is heart wrenching for him (pg 1074). Dante and Virgil continue their journey and crossed the circle and reach the swamp of Styx. In the Styx is it where people are in the mud fighting one another. These individuals as Virgil tells Dante are the ones whose souls are destroyed by anger.…show more content…
Just like all the other circles the sinners in this circle are faced with their punishment for eternally. The Hoarders and Wasters are punished together and are in constant opposition neither one of them will win. The reason why the two are placed together I believe is because they both placed materials things both natural and manmade above everything else. In the Bible, the Ten Commandments state do not worship false idols. The individuals in this circle worshiped the material things and would do what they wanted to. It is described that the individuals in this circle put themselves in this situation, “it was squandering and hoarding that have robbed them of the lovely world, and got them in this brawl…” (pg 1075). The individual free will to worship false idols and face this mockery till the end of
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