Why Did Germany Suffer A Period Of Political Disorder

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Why did Germany suffer a period of political disorder in the years 1918 to 1923? Explain your answer. [50] When Kaiser Wilhelm 2 was forced to abdicate by the social democrats in 1918 the country was thrown into a chaotic state of disarray, it was Germany’s first attempt at democracy after being ruled by the Kaiser for 47 years. Under the Kaiser’s reign the Reichstag had been refused any important power however now the Reichstag was more important than ever if Germany wanted to be democratic. The Social Democrats were theoretically in charge but they were no-where near being in control as shown by the various coups and rebellions which took place throughout the years. It was evident that there would be problems for the newly founded republic but no one could have foreseen the years of political disorder which would ensue involving a series of disastrous manifestations. These manifestations included, among other things, a failed communist revolution and a right wing coup. I am going to consider each of the factors which I think affected the political state in Germany and decide how their combined impact resulted in the political state of Germany. The Weimar government had been challenged from the start by factors such as the Kaiser and the coalition government and this greatly affected the political state of Germany as it was meant to be the ruling power. The Weimar government came into power as a direct result of the forced abdication of the Kaiser which was…
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