Why Did Hamlet Delay His Revenge?

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Cowardice is hard to hide
As we know, the ghost told Hamlet that his uncle Claudius killed his father with poison at very beginning of the play (in act 1). But Hamlet killed his uncle Claudius until the end of the play (in act 5). Why did Hamlet delay his revenge? Is the postponement of revenge due to objective or subjective factors?
In my opinion, Hamlet delay his revenge is because his inner cowardice. Although all Hamlet’s actions show us that he is trying to avenging his father’s death.
In act 1, the ghost told Hamlet the truth of his father’s death. But the first thing that Hamlet want to do is find out whether the ghost tell him the truth of his father’s death not revenge for his father. Hamlet pretended to be insane. He designed lines
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(Act III scene iii line 85-96)
Through this quotation we know that Hamlet does not want the king to go to the heaven after his death. He wanted to send the king to hell, because he hate the king very much. Thus, he delay his revenge because he need a better chance to kill the king. In my opinion, if a person want to kill someone he will not think about what happens after a person die. He should just think about how to kill that guy. So heaven and hall are just his excuses.
During the play, Hamlet kept saying he want to kill himself. Before the ghost told him the truth of his father’s death he’s already thought about suicide. “O that this too too solid flesh would melt,/Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!/Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d/His canon ’gainst self-slaughter! O God! O God!” (Act I scene ii line 129-132) This quotation show us that Hamlet is a wet man. The death of his father and his mother remarried with his uncle only let him feel sad and a little anger (maybe). His uncle took his throne away but he never want to get it back. He just wanted to escape from the reality. And the most famous lines in (-- removed HTML --) are also about Hamlet was struggling between to die or not to
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A lot of troubles around him. He cannot suffer it so he struggled between death and alive. He wanted to die because there are too many trouble waiting for him in the real life. He wanted to stay away from those troubles. At the same time, he was also afraid about the unknown world after his death. In my opinion, this quotation is the proof of Hamlet’s weakness. He wanted to escape from reality, but he was afraid of the unknown world after death.
All Hamlet’s actions seem to be justified. He tried to find out the truth of his father’s death. He waited for a good chance to revenge. He arranged everything in good order. But please think about it, a normal person who will be rational like Hamlet after knowing who killed his father? If someone tell the murder who killed my father I will not going to verify the truth of his words. I just want to revenge for my father just like Laertes heard his father died. Why Hamlet can be so rational? I think it is because of his weakness. He kept making excuses for delaying his revenge. That is why the ghost reappear to remind him revenge. “Do not forget:this visitation/Is but to whetthy almost bluntedpurpose.” (Act III scene iv line 112-113) Until the end of the play, Hamlet know he was going to die so he have to kill his uncle to finish his revenge. If he was not stabbed by the poisoned sword I believe that he would keep making excuses to delay his
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