Why Did Hitler Start World War II? Essay

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Micahla Livesay
HST 200
What Made Hitler Who He Was; a Look into His Mind

One of the most common asked questions through history is: Why? Why did settlers decide to take people and turn them into slaves? Why was war created? Why do people discriminate against each other? Why did Adolf Hitler start the Holocaust? As of the 21st century, we have the knowledge as to why Hitler decided to start World War II, therefore creating the Holocaust. However, we only understand the historical side of things. But what about the psychological side? Where did the anger that fueled Hitler actually come from, and what was his thinking behind his plans. Was it truly just the Treaty of Versailles that pushed Hitler to seek revenged for the wrongly blamed Germany, or was it something more engrained in his mind that fueled him? “The preoccupation with degeneration and hereditary physical and mental illness in my opinion played a greater role in the evolution of Hitler’s political beliefs than previously has been assumed.” Within the Hitler clan, there are multiple relatives who were diagnosed with mental disabilities and psychotic illnesses, all of whom were closely relative to Adolf himself.

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Such facts are not usually, however they are significant because of Hitler’s preoccupation with degeneration and mental illness in the population and with his own family. Adolf came from a nuclear family. His father, Alois Sr., having been a high rank in the Imperial Customs Service
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