Why Did Hitler Start World War Two?

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World War Two was started in 1939 & lasted an extend of 6 long years where it then came to an official end in 1945, there were many country’s fighting in World War 2 for many different reasons.
Some of these countries were Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, United States of America, China, New Zealand, India, France & Canada which all contributed to the war in different ways & beliefs.
Hitler was the Leader of Germany at the time which he is also the main cause behind World War Two, during the end of World War One (WWI) there was an economic collapse known as “The Great Depression” another form of government control was known as “The Treaty of Versailles”, Hitler didn’t like this & this is also the reason why Hitler started World War 2.

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After healing, World War 1 (WW1) Had come to an end & Germany had suffered a defeat, much time after the war there was a Treaty, this was known as “The Treaty of Versailles”, The Treaty of Versailles was a negotiation between Germany & another continent (France) for Germany to give up a certain amount of land to France because of the war damages from World War…show more content…
France & Germany had previously negotiated that “The Treaty of Versailles” was not to be a militarized zone, this was much rather changed by Hitler after taking on a leading role in both the government & military. Hitler moved troops into the de-militarized zone to take back the land which would once again make them the biggest country in Europe again which the German population & politicians much wanted from there new
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