Why Did Hitler Use Concentration Camps To Torture Jews

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Did you know that they used concentration camps to torture Jew? Concentration camps are used for torturing Jews. They used concentration camps for many things, for example, they would gas Jews which would kill them, Germans would do experiments on Jews, they would make them starve, hold them hostage, and many other things.

Adolf Hitler created concentration camps, he made them for Jews to get tortured in so many ways, but the horrific life the Jews had. Hitler and the Nazis put Jews in a train with at least filled with at least 50 people and it was not uncommon to see at least 200 people in each train. “Passengers were not given food, water, or protection from the food elements for their journey, and it was not uncommon
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Hitler and the Nazis tortured the Jews using concentration camps in many ways. In the concentration camps, Jews had to do many things they had forced labor and many other things. They used Jews for whatever construction they wanted. “Forced labor, from as early as 1934, concentration camp commandants used Jews as forced laborer for ss-commissioned construction” (Holocaust encyclopedia). Some Jews were in higher places and some in lower places. “Jews with a higher social status within the camp, were often rewarded with more desirable work assignments such as administrative position indoors” (ushmn). Those Jews who were lower had more demanding tasks. “Those lower on the social ladder had more demanding tasks. “Those lower on the social ladder had more physically demanding tasks such as factory work, mining, and construction.” (ushmn) “ Mainly some Jews suffered of physical exhaustion and meager reactions.

These are all the things that they would do to the Jews, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis would torture Jews, and mostly they made them starve to death. They would place them in concentration camps, where they would make you work hard labor and torture you. The concentration camps didn’t lead to the war, but they still had a war that lead them to their freedom. This is what Hitler and his army which were the Nazis, which had a war which they have lost. This is what they used Concentration
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