Why Did Hitler's Use Of Propaganda

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Why did people from this era thought and lived as they did

Many people were susceptible to fascism because of the hope the leaders gave the public. They used multiple propaganda techniques to dominate people’s emotions. The people relied on the characteristics of the leaders, which were charismatic and promising. This attributes opened peoples’ hearts and accepted them to be the leaders of their nation.

Despite having people who accepted the leaders by heart, many were threatened and punished to accept them as leaders.
For Example, In Germany, People selected Hitler to be their leader, because of his appeals; which was to start scapegoats. His primary scapegoats were the nations that had punished Germany after World War I and after that
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The economy and military strength of Germany improved dramatically. Hitler's vision of Germany's future seemed to be coming true and arousing the people of the values of the Fuhrer. In his speeches and in Nazi propagandas, Hitler wove together fear of his cult, romantic idealism and just enough truth to appeal to people's definite situations and to suggest that his own leadership was infallible and undemeaning.

The significance of the idea and impact of the idea and the movement on Australia and the world

Even after the fascist movement, which ended after WW2, and all countries had a strict rule on accepting fascism. But Neo fascism still occurs in our society. Such can be evident also in Australia and around the world. Well clearly, the governments are replacing the truth with multiple propagandas which include the general feel of something but not the actual truth.

Multiple times we have seen the government devaluing the truth, where they don’t want to answer questions or leave them half answered. Threatens people if they reveal problems within societies; such as heavy fines or restrictions which could be seen in like The Navy where they cannot talk about the asylum seekers who die at sea. They limit the number of people those who speak truth and distorts the truth to suit their needs. They do this to control the
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