Why Did I Am?

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Was he going to report me now? I probably shouldn’t have revealed my plans, but for some reason I still couldn’t lie to him. I barely knew him, but I felt like he knew me. So very well. He would unravel my lies somehow.
“I’m coming with you then,” he said as he started collecting things too. My first reaction was to say no, but how selfish to dump him here to live a life he certainly didn’t want either. So I closed my mouth and did one last grab for a kit containing materials to stitch wounds and we left.
No one would suspect anything as we strolled down the hall, because he was not just any male walking beside me, but my future husband. He clasped my hand to make it more like a couple going for a leisurely stroll. He had strong hands for an engineer.
In the elevator, I told him I needed to go to my apartment to collect my things. I suggested he did the same and he agreed. I relayed the place where I was meeting William and the time, in case I didn’t see him again. And we went our separate ways as the elevator opened onto our floor. I watched him as he ran down the hall, and hoped I was doing the right thing in letting him come. I only stood for a second, and then sprinted to my room.
I grabbed clothes, makeup, toothpaste, and my toothbrush. Then I ran to my closet, slid the clothes to the left wall, and lifted a plastic floor board. Everything was plastic on the ship. Plastic, metal, or glass. I had pictorial knowledge of wood, but I had never touched it before. You had…

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