Why Did Mikhail Gorbachev Reform The Soviet Union?

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This paper aims at discussing the short biography of Mikhail Gorbachev and how he reformed Soviet Union. The paper also discusses the reasons why Mikhail Gorbachev reformed Soviet Union. The questions to be answered are, what are the policies implemented by Gorbachev, what are the effects of such policies, and was the collapse of the Soviet Union an achievement or Gorbachev failure? Mikhail Gorbachev was a politician who served as the last General Secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union between 1985 and 1991. He was born in Privolnoye village of Stavropol territory to Maria and Sergei Panteleyvna (Sheehy 1). His parents and grandparents were peasant farmers, before the farms were reversed and owned by the government in a process called…show more content…
Due to his strong belief of the power of massive liberalization to revive the soviet economy and society, he began implementing his reforms immediately. The first reform was his announcement that soviet citizens have the power to air out their opinions on restructuring the economy of Soviet Union. He also allowed the citizens to travel freely to places of their choice, pushed for technological advancement through use of computers, and released political prisoners who had been captured by the early administrations (Sakwa 1). These were the reforms that the Soviet Union had denied the citizens and led through acts of dictatorship. The democratization and allowing citizens to travel allowed the citizens to explore opportunities outside their locality that helped built the economy of Soviet…show more content…
Because of the ideology of communism in governing the Soviet Union, its citizens were governed in a dictatorial manner. Citizens were not allowed to travel freely; they were also heavily spied on. The new generation and the links that the Soviet Union was making across the world led to demand for reforms in government. Therefore, the question that remains unanswered is, why did Gorbachev institute and implement policies for reforms. He first reformed the Soviet Union through individual freedom, transparency in bureaucracies as well as stimulating economic growth by implementing glasnost and Sinatra doctrine (Sakwa 10). The Sinatra Doctrine was aimed at allowing eastern countries to be autonomous and govern themselves. Gorbachev implemented this policy so as to allow the countries that were controlled by the Soviet Union to be independent. According to him, soviet countries gaining independence will be able govern themselves effectively and develop economically. The implementations of the Glasnost by Gorbachev were aimed at making soviet be in line modern and industrialized countries as well as making it freer. Glasnost advocated heavily on freedom of speech that soviet people were denied in the past. The Glasnost policy has been viewed to be the reason for the downfall of Soviet Union because Soviet Union citizens became more outspoken on government failures (Sakwa 12). The strict nature of the
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