Why Did Okonkwo Become Depressed After?

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stoms and expectations that are expected to be followed but since they are women their opinions are never really known. When Ikemefuna’s death happened Okonkwo seemed not to be bothered by it, but later on it tells you that he became depressed. Why did Okonkwo become depressed after he helped kill Ikemefuna? I went back and evaluated the situation and came to the conclusion that this was another thing that he thought would make him look weak. He didn’t want the other men to think he was any less of a man so he showed it in the most brutal way possible. After the death of Ikemefuna, Nwoye seems to go back downhill, and throughout part one it let’s you know how disappointed Okonkwo is in the way that Nwoye turned out, and that made me wonder. Why doesn’t Okonkwo try to do more to mold Nwoye? The story never tells you of any times where Okonkwo has tried to help Nwoye become more of a man. The only logical answer to this I could think of was that maybe Okonkwo believed that becoming a successful man had to be done on your own. Maybe Okonkwo thought that trying to teach Nwoye would be a sign of weakness on both parts. The last question that I wondered a lot about in part one was, how come each village doesn’t believe in the same customs? I realized that different people probably started the villages on different occasions, and since they never really mingle with each other, each village has a set of rules they’ve come up with on their own. In chapter fifteen when
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