Why Did People Use Copper's Contribution To The Ancient World?

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As people found new normal assets underneath the Earth's surface, conventional weapons were swapped as techniques for metal-working created. Copper was the only metal known to human being from long time, so copper significantly contributed to the ancient world by helping cultures of Egypt, Rome, Indus, China grow. So copper replaced stone in weapons. The Sumerians was the first people use copper as a weapon, copper maces were in high demand at that time. Native American mostly uses knifes and flint spears but uses copper for the decoration in the ceremony. It was discovered by the ancient artisans that copper losses its edge easily, they can be sharpened without much difficulty. Despite of drawbacks of copper it was being used as weapon, along with maces, bow and arrow and slings was used. It was very much common to the hunters as it was very convenient to handle and target achieve the arrow was much accurate. After a discovery of pure copper in anatolia, its metallurgy spread in Egypt , Mesopotamia, India, China and Europe. Now the alloy of copper and tin was developed and used very much as it was much harder than copper. This also lead to the flourishment of the…show more content…
This early arrow just had a stone on the top. As stone on the top has the advantage over the natural material, stone creates deep cuts and wound provided by the stone was much more than provided by the natural material. So target by the stone arrow would die easily. There is as yet no direct evidence for bows during the African Pleistocene, and the hypothesis that very early, stone points were used to tip darts or arrows remains unsupported by use-trace studies and contextual evidence. Some hypothesized concomitants, such as the use of bow drills, also remain
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