Why Did Rastafarians Follow Their Religion?

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The Rastafarian’s faith is believed to have been founded by Leonard Howell, which originated in Jamaica in the twentieth-century. This faith was inspired by crowning in 1930 of Ras, or Prince, Tafari Makonnen as an emperor of the Ethiopian Kingdom, at that time one of only two sovereign nations of the African Continent. Moreover, Rastafarianism in actual fact is a creole, religion rooted in Africa, Europe, and Indian practices and beliefs. Rastafarians believe that the life that Christianity relegates to the life of the soul after death is possible in this world. Therefore, instead, as Christians, they focus on the present and not transcendentally realm beyond death (Olmos 192). Due to the fact that they classified their religion as Christians, Rastafarians as Bible believers train themselves to live accordingly.
Furthermore, Rastafarian’s believe that the Bible is actually in fact a history of the African race. “If God is the father of all he must have had
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They follow the example of Solomon and also other verses in the Bible, which indicates how they interpreted the way they should styles their hair, the Dreadlocks style. ‘“From the beginning of the movement Rasta Leader had advocated its use as a religious rite; Belief that it was found growing on the grave of King Solomon and in the interpretation of biblical passages such as Psalm 104:14”’(Olmos 201). The text later on also says, “‘they shall not make baldness upon their hair, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cutting in their flesh, Mentioned in Leviticus 21:5’” (201). Moreover, although dreadlocks are well known to have been first originated among the Howellites in Pinnacle during the 20th century (Chavannes 77). Rastafarians rooted their dreadlock not based on the history of Howellites, but primarily on the Bible, which they interpreted in their own way that best fit their
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