Why Did Revolution Break Out in Russia in 1905?

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Why did Revolution break out in Russia in 1905? In 1905, thousands of people gathered outside the Winter Palace, demanding change and immediate reform. Although their revolt was ultimately unsuccessful, it is important to wonder why many people were disgruntled with the Tsarist regime. It can be argued that 1905 revolution resulted in both long-term and crucial short term factors: the long-term factors which will be discussed are peasant land-hunger, the declining economy and the exploitation of Jews. For the first factor, I will begin by discussing the reign of Alexander II to Nicholas II; this will allow us to show the developments in time of peasant outrage. Secondly, the essay will discuss the reign of Alexander III who began terrible…show more content…
Also Alexander III failed to address the continued problem of land hunger which meant many peasants joined revolutionary groups. The group ‘Narodnaya Volya’ had an increase of 200 peasants in 1885; with greater scarcity of land and fewer opportunities in education for peasant teenagers it is hardly surprising.[3] Finally under Nicholas II, between 1900 and 1905, there were strikes by peasants in the countryside due to crop failures and less land. It was because peasants had become angered by the scarcity of land which they had experienced for many decades before the tenure of Nicholas II’s reign. However it was during this period where revolutionary activity really increased: peasant protests were localised towards the gentry who had for many decades restricted their ability to have more land and the government whose policies failed to target the problem of land. Even Pyotr Stolypin’s reforms – aiming to improve the lot of the peasants - failed to solve the problem of land hunger. Nicholas II had been aware of the attempts by previous tsars to abolish the peasant commune; freeing them would encourage peasants to sell yield on the market. However the key factor which led to peasant unrest according to the historian Shmuel Galai, were the famines of the early 1900’s in some parts of Russia caused by poor weather conditions and continuous poor harvests.[4] It can be argued that famines were a key factor in

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